Team building without borders
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After 14 years of live events, 2020 forced us all to reconsider team building. While we would love to always be able to get together in person, this is not always feasible. For these moments, consider allowing Amazing Race Canada and to host your group VIRTUALLY.

We are honoured to have been able to bring together teams on 4 continents in a single race in our virtual Amazing Race-style activities, and all from the comfort of each participant's desk (or, in some cases, kitchen table or couch!)

Using the Zoom platform, the format is simple and user-friendly. Your group of participants, is divided into up to 5 teams, each playing in their own private online breakout room. Races are created to last about 1.5-2 hours, and are made up of a series of 4 challenges that teams accomplish together.

Your group, no matter what part of the world they attend from, will love it!

Our fun challenges are designed to get participants to work together all while strategizing, planning, and laughing. 15 years of experience in live events have come together to form an engaging virtual option, complete with the excitement and pressure of a competitive team building environment.

Puzzles will ask teams to work together, or individually to make a contribution to the team's final answer, on various elements of each challenge. Our challenges demand teamwork, delegation, trust, creativity, out of the box thinking, and inspire your participants to get to know their teammates. They will test your participants' ability to adapt and to communicate in a virtual environment, with the clock ticking and other teams working hard to beat them!

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